Our burgers: protein from the sea

A necessary form of nourishment because of its high content of nutrients and protein that help the correct development and growth of muscles. Reach your maximum body definition with our fish burgers. The purpose of our natural burgers is to provide nourishment to maximize physical training. Selected low fat fish with a high protein value give our sportsmen and women a balanced, complete and, above all, varied diet.

Tuna burgers

All the nutritional benefits of oily fish; a natural source of Omega3, vitamins and minerals for physical development.

Swordfish burgers

A foodstuff rich in phosphorus, which helps you have greater physical resistance and keep your bones, skin and teeth healthy.

Salmon burgers

The easiest and tastiest way of absorbing the amount of protein you need.

Tasty and healthy, the perfect diet.

Tuna burger
Tuna burger
Tuna in a comfortable, quick and fun way to help reach the recommended intake of fish in your diet.
Swordfish burgers
Swordfish burgers
Delicious and very light, their nutritional benefits are perfect for balanced sports diets.
Salmon burgers
Salmon burgers
Salmon and its great nutritious properties improve bone development and are a source of magnesium and iodine.
The perfect complement for your physical training!

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Victoria Lomba Fibo Power 2014

2014 FIBO Power, a leader in the field of fitness and training event was held in Cologne (Germany) after 3, 4, 5 and 6 April. This show, a must-see for all fitness professionals and sports enthusiasts, attended Team Sea Food Nutrition accompanied by Victoria Lomba.


  • Lorena Maroto

    I made them yesterday because it was recommended by a fellow gym that usually prepared for her and her daughter.
    My husband kept saying how good they were.

    Lorena Maroto AEROBIC

  • Carlos Silvera

    Two minutes into the dinner plate!
    I can not think of an easier and convenient way to take care

    Carlos Silvera Fitness